Why is it important to make professional photo’s of your house?

Modern white living room interior

That saying “one picture is worth a thousand words” applies in spades to real estate. In the multiple listing service, the shared database among real estate professionals, homes with only one photo usually get passed. It’s the homes with dozens of real estate photographs that get noticed.Take quality, professional-grade photos; neither you, nor the camera, nor the flash should be visible. Shoot wide angles with plenty of light showcasing your home’s best features. Some other tips include:

Don’t shoot the master bedroom only. Try to capture all the bedrooms, because buyers will count the number of bedrooms in the photo lineup. If one is missing, they might incorrectly assume your listed number is erroneous.

Play to your home’s strengths. If a hallway is narrow, don’t take a picture of it. Get a close-up of your fireplace or another interesting feature instead.

Take many photos of the kitchen. Kitchens are traditionally the heart and soul of a home, and buyers want to see them.

Set the table before photographing the dining room. This helps home buyers imagaine themselves using the space.

Move out some furniture. Living room photos should show space.

Remember to include the backyard and gardens. People want to see what the whole property is like.

Add descriptive text to each photo. This should evoke a mood or elaborate on features (“perpetually sunny” or “perfect for barbecues”).

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