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We are passionate about creating an incredible client experience and determined to get you the very best results!

Trusted Team

Every single day - we take a stand for our clients.
As expert real estate strategists - we simply won’t do the deal unless it’s a great deal and you are completely happy.

Creating an incredible client experience and delivering extraordinary results made us the #1 Selling Team in Limassol

Powerful Ideas

Not all ideas are created equal.

The success of your sale or purchase will depend on the quality of the ideas used to ensure you get the best results.

At The Property Houses, we lead the real estate industry with creative and powerful ideas that consistently generate extraordinary results.

Back Pocket Listings

Our extensive marketing and advertising program consistently produces many buyer inquiries. These inquiries turn into a large database of home buyer clients.

Before we post your home on the open market, we check our buyer database. We have created very successful sales through our large database of home buyers.

This is also a huge advantage when you work with us as a buyer!

Professional Photography

We are very particular about the photography of your home and your property. Stunning professional photography including gorgeous cinematic walk-through videos are a cornerstone of our marketing campaigns.

Staging and Decluttering

We have an in-house staging company included in our pre-staging package. They works their magic to show your home in the best way your home can be designed with furniture, artwork and all of those warm and inviting knick-knacks. Staged homes sell 88% faster on average; they also typically sell for over 20% more than non-staged homes.
Virtual Staging is a top tier marketing tool, 94% of real estate sellers approved its performance and ability to increase sales to a significant degree.

The Web

Your home will be showcased on top property showcase websites including Thepropertyhouse.com which consistently generates more than 10,000 visits monthly.

Social Media

The key to success in social media promotion is advertising. We focus on facebook ads and Instagram because they promote your home to a huge targeted audience. Our properties frequently get thousands of video views and tens of thousands of people reached. Our Social Media ads also direct people to our website and our open houses.

Email Broadcast

Approximately 6,000 people receive our weekly email broadcast with information about our listings.

The key to this promotion is that it goes to our Circle Of Influence - Only People who are signed up.

Your home will receive quality exposure from this powerful promotion.

Exceptional Client Care

Navigating through a real estate transaction requires skilled professionalism and exceptional client care.

Our staff are hand picked from hundreds of applicants and extensively trained - they are the best of the best!

Each staff member has a defined role and there is always someone available - 7 days a week - to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

Real Estate Service With An Exclamation Point!

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