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For more than 5 years and over 360 successful property transfers, The Property House has guided their local and foreign customers in their real estate acquisitions in Cyprus.

Our multilingual and multicultural consultant team, will present you with the best options, legal and fiscal solutions in order to route out the best path to meet your needs. In addition to our real estate transaction service, we can also assist our clients as designated representatives regarding the property, with your best interests in mind.

As a Real Estate Brokerage in Cyprus, we maintain a large portfolio of properties that are available for sale and for rent, both on and off the open market.

Whatever your project is (buying a holiday home, a rental investment, a primary residence, development or renting.), The Property House is the partner that helps you along the way to this important decision to start a new real estate investment in Cyprus and maintaining it with a trusted real estate expert.

The Process


Get in touch

Do you want to be sure that you are guided in the best possible way in your search for a property in Cyprus? Purchasing a property is one of the most important decisions you will make, and therefore the right advice and guidance is paramount. We combine our experience and expertise to make a significant difference in not only finding the right home or investment, but also buying it for the right price.


Visit us at our office

During our first phone call we will schedule a meeting in our office. Face-to-face meetings help to get a better impression of your real estate needs and also enable us to be more precise with our property proposals and develop ideas that lead to more opportunities. You can find us at the following address: Unit 1 Panagioti Tsangari 64, Germasogeia 4042, Limassol, Cyprus.


View the desired properties

After the meeting we make a selection of properties that suits your request and budget and we will take you on a tour to show you the properties. During the viewings we will provide you with all the information regarding each property. How long the house has been on the market, reason the owner wants to sell, when it was built, what needs to be renovated plus the cost of renovation, if there is a mortgage, covered area, plot size and what the rental price will be if you decide to rent it out.


Make an offer and negotiate the best price

After informing the seller about your serious interest in buying their property, we will represent you throughout the purchase process and negotiate the best possible purchase price.


Inspect the property

After informing the seller about your serious interest in buying the property, the next step is to inspect it. We will of course support you and advocate for you during and after inspections.


Close the deal

Our in-house lawyer carries out the necessary checks to confirm ownership verify the existence of a freely transferable title, will review (or draft) a reservation agreement to purchase a property at an agreed upon price. The buyer pays a reservation fee and vendor takes the property off the market for an agreed period of time.

Next step is to draft a contract of sale and execute the payment of the stamp duty. Within 30 days of contract signing, the buyer must pay stamp duty on the contract value as the contract of sales will be registered at the Land Registry Office, which secures said property from being sold to anyone else but the buyer.

Once separate title deeds are ready, the buyer and seller present themselves at the Land Registry office to complete the transfer. If applicable, the buyer pays transfer fees.



Cyprus provides the perfect investment foundations, combining the most important elements to grow your real estate wealth in a European country, without the European tax rates. We have developed a sharp and innovative Investment Department to guide you through the increasingly dynamic Cyprus market. The ability to reach deep in the local community and connect you with the required third parties to develop or renovate and achieve the yields desired. Our professional investment strategists operate with budgets from 500,000EUR and above. Dealing with both private investors and companies alike, our Investment Department is there to ensure you are well informed about the decisions you are making. Additional services such as project management can be discussed with the team.



Wonderful climate

Cyprus has more than 320 sunny days a year and at the same time it’s one of few places in the world where you can enjoy snowy mountains and still drive down to the beach for a swim.

Safe and comfortable life

Cyprus has one of the lowest recorded crime rates in the European Union.

Qualitative education

Perhaps in Cyprus there is one of the best systems of secondary education in the entire Mediterranean. One can choose both English, Greek and even Russian schools. There are private English schools providing a complete cycle of primary and secondary education in all the major cities of Cyprus.

Investment opportunities

Many European, Russian, Indian and other international companies have their head offices moved to Cyprus or open their representations here. This is connected with the unique atmosphere created here for business. Additionally, Cyprus offers one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

Tax System

Cyprus has developed a competitive tax system taking into consideration all EU and international regulations. The offshore tax that was in place until the year 2005 has been replaced by a new EU compatible tax scheme offering one of the lowest corporate tax rates of 12.5% in the EU.For individual tax payers things are even better since an individual is considered to be a tax resident in Cyprus only when he spends more than 183 days in Cyprus within a year.


  • A small and trusted team

    Every single day we take a stand for our clients. Our small team of experienced and expert real estate strategists always gives the full 100% to help you find the perfect home and buy it for the best price. We only close deals that you are completely happy with. We are the #1 property selling team in Limassol, Cyprus for a reason.

  • Exceptional client care

    At The Property House we take good care of every individual client. Our staff is extremely skilled and trained in not only buying properties for the best price, but also in exceptional client care. We call that real estate service with an exclamation point!

  • We assist all our buyers from a to z

    The Property House runs on the fuel of unique properties and years of diligent experience in the real estate industry. We are in the thick of it for our clients and successfully negotiate deals in investing, buying, selling and creating real estate wealth.

  • Best access to and great understanding

    At The Property House we do not only have a thorough understanding of the current marketplace, we also have access to many properties that are off-market and an awareness of properties that are about to be listed.

  • You always have the final say

    We listen to your needs, find you the perfect home and make sure that you make an educated and well informed decision. In the end the decision is always yours if you want to buy a house with us.



Below you find the listings that have recently been added to our website. Are you interested in one of these properties or looking for another home in Cyprus? Discover what we have to offer you.

For Rent

Three Bedroom Apartment on the Beach in Germasogeia

For Sale
Off Plan

Brand Two Bedroom Apartment for sale in Ypsonas

For Sale
Off Plan

New Three Bedroom Apartment for sale in Ypsonas

For Sale
Under Construction

Brand New One Bedroom Apartment in Mesa Geitonia for Sale


Property House was the only agent who actually took the time to come to our house, meet us, take their own photos and accompany multiple clients for viewings. They were hard-working, plain speaking, and continued to actively show and promote our house until it was sold! Ask for Gabbi!

Sellyoak Sellyoak Lets

As a newcomer to the Cyprus investment market, I am very lucky that I found Property House. I have never encountered such a patient real estate agency -- and I have encountered quite a few! They understand my needs, don't try to push a property on me that isn't quite right -- and really look for the right property for me. Very professional. You won't go wrong with them. If you are looking to invest in Cyprus, look no further than Property House.

Tamar Kongrad

Very professional service. The agents understood my needs and arranged viewings of properties that matched my needs perfectly. They are focused on finding the right property for their clients and not only trying to make the sale. Response times are also very good. I recommend anyone to use them as opposed to the other pushy agents out there that do not understand customer needs.

Gregory Papas



At The Property House we have a small team with a lot of experience in selling unique properties in Cyprus. Want to know more about our individual employees? Read more about our real estate team by clicking on the button below.


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