City of Dreams Mediterranean construction moves closer to completion

9 months ago

In Limassol, City of Dreams Mediterranean is still being built.

Grant Johnson, senior vice president of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, made this announcement. He mentioned that the project's work had entered its concluding phase. Workers are currently busy involved in interior decoration and exterior landscaping.

The project will be completed without any delays, according to the producer, in the second quarter of 2023.Johnson stressed that the business supports the Cypriot government's initiatives to resurrect the island nation's tourism sector. The island country will become a well-known tourist and entertainment destination thanks to the new casino resort.

The Mediterranean City of Dreams was initially scheduled to debut in 2021. However, the item's shipping date was repeatedly pushed back. The Cyprus Phassouri (Zakaki) Limited and Melco International Development Ltd. own the casino complex, which is being constructed in Limassol next to the New Port. (between Akrotiri Salt Lake and My Mall).

The casino will be integrated into a large, luxurious hotel. (500 rooms). There will be 1,200 slot machines and 136 gaming tables there. In addition to restaurants and nightclubs, the resort will have an exhibition center (9600 m2), a concert theater (1500 seats), a spa center (4000 m2), and other amenities.

The biggest investment venture ever launched in Cyprus is called City of Dreams Mediterranean. It is expected to cost more than 650 Million Euros. 

The City of Dreams Mediterranean, according to the island's administration, will contribute up to 700 million euros annually to the national coffers (4% of the GDP). Additionally, the 300,000 visitors that the City of Dreams Mediterranean will bring to the island each year will aid in addressing the issue of migratory tourism.