Cyprus Elevates Passport Ranking to 12th Globally

6 months ago

The significance of a passport in facilitating international travel cannot be overstated, as it serves as the key determinant of the ease with which its bearer can traverse borders and embark on new global adventures.

On January 10, consulting firm Henley & Partners unveiled its highly anticipated ranking of global passports for the first quarter of 2024. In this latest assessment, Cyprus demonstrated a notable ascent, securing the 12th position in the prestigious Henley Passport Index.

Remarkably, the current ranking echoes milestones achieved by the Cyprus passport in 2006 and the third quarter of 2023, showcasing consistent improvement. Notably, the passport faced its lowest point in 2012, slipping to the 20th position. Presently, holders of Cypriot passports enjoy visa-free access to an impressive 182 countries across the globe.

An intriguing highlight of this year's index is the unprecedented occurrence of six countries sharing the top spot with an unparalleled number of visa-free travel opportunities. Among these leaders are four European Union nations—Germany, Italy, Spain, and France—alongside two Asian counterparts, Singapore and Japan. Passport holders from these nations can explore a remarkable 194 destinations without the need for a visa, out of a total of 227.

Securing the second position are South Korea, Finland, and Sweden, boasting visa-free access to 193 destinations. The third spot is jointly held by Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands, offering their passport holders entry to 192 countries. Impressively, the top 10 positions in the latest index are exclusively occupied by European countries. The United Kingdom has secured the fourth position with 191 visa-free destinations, while the United States is positioned at seventh place, offering visa-free access to 187 destinations. This marks a decade since both nations jointly led the index in 2014.

In stark contrast, Afghanistan (27 visa-free destinations), Syria (29 visa-free destinations), and Iraq (31 visa-free destinations) continue to occupy the lower ranks, emphasizing the challenges faced by passport holders from these nations in terms of global mobility.