New Restaurant in Town TIO Modern Mexican

5 months ago

Tio is located in the heart of Limassol and offers a curated menu, that keeps traditional elements of Mexican cooking alive. Our menu features special dishes inspired by the local products as we are eager to treat our guests with something new and unique. The chef keeps an emphasis on fish and different varieties of meat, cooking with Mexican spices and classic sauces.

The Tio bar is worth the whistle: our bartenders are always on hand to shake up something from the selection of Tio signatures, classics and localised specials.

Chef Alexey Bagreev was born in Crimea, received a culinary education, traveled extensively, and honed his skills in various countries. He participated in gastronomic expeditions to Hong Kong, Dubai, China, various European countries, and even Kamchatka. He also worked in Monte Carlo, Tallinn, and Madrid — in the latter, the future chef of 'Tio' became acquainted with modern Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

Alexey, being a big fan of Josh Niland and Fergus Henderson, embraces the principles of slow food, slow cooking, and a responsible approach to food waste. His favorite culinary trend is comfort food.

With a soft spot for fish, seafood, meat, seasonal and local veggies, Alexey explores new flavors by combining simple ingredients, adding a dash of spices, and pulling off different cooking techniques.

For the last six years, Alexey has served as the Chef of the Garage cafe at the same-named Museum of Contemporary Art, where he crafted special menus for the museum's projects and collaborations which ranged from gastronomic experiences for the Takashi Murakami exhibition to private events for international brands and dinners with renowned chefs such as Massimo Bottura.

“As the Chef of 'Tio,' I aim to provide guests with exciting culinary experiences and healthy benefits through Mexican dishes with a Mediterranean twist. It's essential for me to support local farmers and suppliers, using locally-sourced ingredients and promoting environmental sustainability.”