Plans for proposed new Limassol mall reveal 'village concept' design

6 months ago

Atterbury Europe, the company behind the Mall of Cyprus, Shacolas Emporium Park, and Mall of Engomi has revealed more about its plans to construct a new mall in Limassol, reflecting its belief in the city’s prospects.

The company has submitted a proposal and is now awaiting the relevant approvals to create a new shopping and entertainment venue in Mesa Yitonia.

The location is along Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, near its crossing with Ayios Athanasios Avenue.

Atterbury Europe has also made its plans for the project known through its website, revealing a contemporary ‘Village Concept’ combining a careful balance of choices covering both luxury wants and daily needs.

According to Atterbury Europe’s online brochure on the project, “This modern “Village Concept”, where luxury and all-day needs are carefully balanced is missing from the current experience in Limassol. The location of the proposed Mall of Limassol is in a neighbourhood with a LSM (Living Standard Measurement) of higher than 8, reflecting the presence of a more affluent community, which is also evident in the quality of buildings, facilities and activities in the nearby area.”

The brochure continues that the proposed Mall of Limassol is strategically situated in the heart of the city, in an affluent residential area, alongside a commercial node. It notes that the site is just 3.5km away from the City’s Business Centre and 2km away from the beachfront, where the majority of tourist activities take place.

The brochure also describes the proposed mall’s layout and design, “The Ground Floor of the mall employs a traditional dumbbell design and is anchored by a supermarket on one end and an AGORA on the other. Major fashion anchors are located on the “elbow” of the mall to ensure strong distribution of footfall. The AGORA market hall will be the “face” of the mall from the main feeder road, with finishes in traditional Limassol Old Town materials. It will provide opportunities for local trades in a formal market setup to offer their specialized products / service to the community and visitors to Limassol. The Agora faces onto a public square and activates the street edge with the opportunity for weekend markets in the spill-out space. This level will host the full retail experience including a high-street retail section, anchor fashion retailers, health and beauty, jewellery stores and a food supermarket.”

“On the First Floor, a Piazza restaurant offering (indoor / outdoor) will comprise of a selection of formal restaurants in a vibrant “open-close” area and will link into the mall retail space. It will also have direct access from the upper parking structure, which also links in with the public park at the back of the mall (north). The public park will remain in the public Domain, but will be managed and maintained by the Mall of Limassol as open public park to the benefit of the surrounding residential inhabitants. Retail on the first floor will cover all retail aspects from fashion, services, sports and other general retail offerings,” Atterbury Europe continues.

“The Second Floor of the proposed Mall of Limassol is dedicated to family entertainment. It will include a cinema, kiddies’ activity zone and a predominate fast foods offering. Ample indoor and covered outdoor seating is provided. The indoor seating will be a vibrant, social space filled with natural light. There are two major covered outdoor seating opportunities. One with views over the main feeder road and towards the sea. The other with views to and from the firstfloor piazza. Views of the second floor of retail are ever-present with strong sightlines from the outside of the mall as well as a large internal triple-volume gallery ensuring that shoppers are constantly aware of, and attracted to this level,” it continues.

(Source: InBusinessNews)