Securing Cypriot Citizenship: A Guide

9 months ago

A desire for Cypriot citizenship is increasingly prevalent, both among residents and individuals from other parts of the world. This aspiration opens doors to the European Union (EU), enabling travel, residence, employment across EU nations, and unfettered access to European markets. In this guide, we'll explore the contemporary process of obtaining Cypriot citizenship.

First and foremost, it's crucial to highlight that an impeccable personal history, substantiated by a police clearance certificate, is paramount. Previously, there were four avenues to acquiring Cypriot citizenship, but the current landscape offers only three. Let's delve into each of these options more comprehensively.

Cypriot Origin:

The process is quite straightforward. If either of your parents holds Cypriot citizenship, you automatically qualify for eligibility.

The associated fees range from €20 to €80. Interestingly, a few British citizens unearthed their Cypriot heritage shortly after the United Kingdom's departure from the EU.


To qualify for Cypriot citizenship through naturalization, you must have resided legally in Cyprus for a continuous period of 7 years, equivalent to 2,555 days. However, for children or parents of Cypriot citizens, this duration is reduced to 5 years. Additionally, an essential condition is that you must have been present on the island without any interruption for 12 months immediately before submitting your application.

There is a financial commitment involved, with application fees typically amounting to €1,000 euros, as reported by our source.

Please be prepared for a substantial processing period, as applications may take anywhere between 1-3 years.

Marriage-Based Citizenship:

Obtaining Cypriot citizenship through marriage involves more than just presenting a marriage certificate. To qualify, you must be married for a minimum of three years, with at least two of those years spent residing in Cyprus.

The process also takes into account the circumstances of those unable to live in Cyprus. If you've been married for three years but haven't lived in Cyprus, you will need to provide a compelling reason for seeking Cypriot citizenship. However, if a married couple has been together for more than 5 years and has at least one child, no additional explanation is necessary.

Applicants should be aware of a registration fee of €300.

Please note that application processing typically takes 1 to 2 years for thorough review and from 1 to 2 years to be reviewed and approved.